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Count Me In – One-to-One Support

What is Count Me In?

*We are still delivering one-to-one support during this difficult time of Covid-19. For more information, please click here to see our news page*
Count Me In is a service that offers individual support to people that need help with their independent living. We currently provide support to over 80 people, employing about 85 staff members. We match each person with a Support Worker who has the skills, interests, and personality to make for a good relationship. Over 90% of our current members are referred to us directly by Care Managers, who are Social Workers from Leeds City Council, although families and carers, or self-referrals are the other routes for being part of Count Me In support.

What we do

The support we offer is based on the individual’s Care Plan that is written and reviewed with them on a regular basis. Support can be for any number of hours and can take place in the member’s home, going to appointments, attending college or social and leisure activities. Members could also attend groups to pick up life skills such as cooking, travelling on public transport, learning to manage money or just chilling for coffee. There is no limitation to how we can support.

How we support

We can offer help to go through the council’s application process or we can start the support if the support package is already in place. This could be a direct payment, personal budget or members could be self-funded. For more information about Leeds City Council’s funding schemes please visit their website by clicking this button: Click here We will help with every step of the process. We will provide a perfectly matched support worker and make sure that there is always support cover when required even when the regular support worker is away.

What next:

If you would like to talk through your current support needs (no matter what stage you are at) contact us to have a free informal conversation to establish if Count Me In support can be of assistance. Call: 0113 244 3729