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How much annual leave do I get?

Good question! This all depends on the hours you work each week and is worked out on a pro rata basis. Click on  this link to work out exactly what exactly you can use. PLEASE NOTE! Your holiday entitlement INCLUDES bank holidays and these must be booked off in the same way as all other days.

How do I apply for my annual leave?

Another good question! Download this form, complete it and email it to Naomi in the office. Remember that all applications for leave should be sent to Naomi at least 4 weeks before the leave itself so we have time to plan cover for you. Any leave requests for longer than 2 weeks at a time must be discussed with your line manager first.

How often should I have a supervision meeting?

This generally depends on necessity, although the normal length of time between supervision meetings is about 8 – 10 weeks. Contact your supervisor by email or call them in the office to confirm.

When do I get paid?

You’re full of good questions today aren’t you! Payment should be in your account by the 20th of the month and is paid in arrears, i.e. you get paid for the work you have already done.

What if I'm sick?! What do I do about that??

We all get ill from time to time so we completely understand if you are unable to make it to a shift due to poor health. However, the customer(s) with whom you would have been working will possibly need some sort of cover, so it is really important that you let us know you are unable to work as soon as possible so that we can try to arrange some cover for your shift. It is important that you call the office and speak to someone so we can be sure your message has got through. The People in Action opens at 8.30 in the morning, so please call as soon as you can. If you are due to start a shift before 8.30 then please contact your customer to let them know, and call the office once it’s open. Please also follow up your call with an email to your line manager.

How much can I claim in expenses?

Always thinking about money aren’t you! People in Action’s policy for expenses is that you can claim up to £3 towards your lunch or dinner if you’re working at least 5 hours in one single shift. Please bear in mind that we should be acting as healthy role models to our customers when choosing your own food.

You can claim this by keeping your receipts (these must be itemised with a VAT reference) and completing this expense form and returning it to David in the office.

For the answers to any questions not answered here then please call the office on 0113 2443729 or email your supervisor and we’ll do our best to help you.