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Digitial Inclusion

We have been working really hard to make sure that our most isolated members have been able to stay connected throughtout the past year.

With help from The National Lottery Community Fund, 100% Digital Leeds and the Good Things Foundation we’ve been able to lend around 40 tablets to people who were isolated during lockdown.

We spent a lot of time setting up the devices to make them as accessible and user-friendly as possible before giving them to the people that needed them.

We also set up a Digital Training Team (Emma & Dave) who helped these people to use their tablets, and also met safely with other people who were struggling to use their devices – making them more confident about going online.

Picture shows our training team Emma & Dave helping one of our members get online.

Emma & Dave, our Digital Training Team, helping a member learn how to use Zoom on his new tablet.

A Really Big Thank you to you and your team for donating a Tablet to M and supporting her to access digital tech. It will greatly help M to reduce isolation and improve her wellbeing. M called me to inform that someone from your team had kindly guided her on how to set up and use the tablet. M has been using the tablet and to get familiar with it. She says “This tablet will stop me from being lonely and help me join some groups. I get bored at home. I’ve never had anything like this before.”

Zuber, Well-being coordinator at Linking Leeds

[It was] W’s 1st lesson in IT TRAINING today, with Emma at People In Action. He was very interactive & Emma let W do it himself a few times after setting up, accessing & teaching him how to activate ZOOM classes.
She is a really understanding, patient, attentive & positive person, he has since rang me & he approves. Emma also set W’S notifications for him to attend classes if he chooses to & has the time. Emma was great with W, just the type of person he will click to and also learn from, so happy for him. After the 1st session it went really well, W will not be as lonely, he will also be active & can also have the Feelgood Factor about himself again.

Sean Riley, St Anne’s

Jamie had only been able to attend our DIY art group when his support worker used their phone and helped. But when lockdown 3 started his support had to stop and he couldnt attend the group anymore. His support worker contacted us and we arranged to get him a tablet and some training. Dave went around and did some doorstep training with Jamie to help him learn how to join Zoom groups. A few weeks later Jamie has been attending his art group on Zoom every week independently and keeping connected to his friends.

Kevin had a tablet from us to join his Connecting Lives Thursday group.  He had some basic training when we dropped it off and his mum had been assisting him to join each week.  Over this time, we have seen such a great development from Kevin.  He is now able to join the group independently and use all the zoom functions such as mute.  He even won the zoom quiz last week – great work Kevin! Kevin says: “I like talking to everyone and seeing everyone on the tablet and joining in with the activities. Without the tablet id just be sitting about in the house.”

Danielle, Personal Health & Wellbeing Manager at People in Action

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