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Stuart’s Special Olympics Challenge

Friend of People in Action Stuart Cottee is raising funds for People in Action by cycling from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

We are trying to raise over £20,000 to send our Leeds Stars athletes with learning disabilities and autism to the Special Olympics national event in 2021 in Liverpool, and Stuart’s efforts are a big part of this.

Stuart says:

“When Debbie (my EA) told me of Dominic’s (her son) success at a Special Olympics Event earlier this year – Dominic had won a gold medal for backstroke – I could see how proud she was of him.  Debbie explained to me that without Dominic’s introduction to People In Action, he would not have had this opportunity.  I was a keen swimmer myself when I was younger and all of my children have taken part in swimming galas so I know the level of commitment required from Dominic to the sport in order to win.  I also know that because Dominic is aware that he is a great swimmer it has given him a confidence in himself that he has never had before. 

When Debbie mentioned that there was a chance Dominic could take part in the Special Olympics National Event in 2021 I was really pleased that he might get this amazing opportunity.  We went on to talk about the fund raising aspect that the Charity would need to undertake in order to secure the places for the athletes.   

Anybody who knows me, will understand me when I say that kids and sports are two things very close to my heart.  This being the case – I wanted to try and help out any way I could.  I have taken part in Ride Across Britain on two previous occasions and this time I signed up because my eldest daughter wanted to take part and also as a personal challenge for myself, and  to be honest, sponsoring a charity hadn’t really crossed my mind.  However, I realised this was an ideal opportunity to help the Charity raise funds towards their participation in the 2021 event. 

I know this challenge won’t be easy for me and I am not as fit as I was when I took part previously, however, I will give it 100%.”

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