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Charlie’s eulogy for Terry

Following the very sad news that Terry Casey dies earlier this month, below we can find the piece that Charlie Meikle wrote for Terry’s eulogy.


“Terry Casey was referred to People In action for some support following a stroke. He was matched to fellow scot, Ian and the two of them went on to make a successful pairing for 10 years.


Terry was a man who did not do what he didn’t want to do. When I became the manager responsible for his care, I was full of vim and vigour and convinced I would be getting Terry to be more active and to be headed to the supermarket with his support worker. I was wrong. The wheelchair that I suggested could be used to help Terry to get out and about was strictly for use as a clothes hanger.


I looked forward to Terry’s reviews, it meant I got to hang out with him and Ian for an hour or two, I never rushed those meeting, enjoying their camaraderie, especially their ongoing enmity with regards to rival Scottish football teams.


Ian and Terry had planned to have a day out to Blackpool, I was intending to tag along for the fun of it, unfortunately Eddie’s passing put an end to that plan and Terry’s priorities changed.


Whenever Ian was on away or on holiday, we always got in trouble by sending a different worker to cover who would, invariably, mess up the shopping list somehow. Terry never let me forget the time someone bought him 6 bottles of milk. What was he going to do with 6 bottles!


Eventually we struck gold with Mark who made himself available to cover with Terry on a regular basis. Terry got on with Mark, he could understand him and, most importantly, Mark didn’t buy copious amounts of milk. I have learned in the last week however, that Mark did in fact make that mistake but hid the extra bottles in his car so Terry wouldn’t know.



Because of Covid, I had not seen Terry face to face for a year and the last contact I had with him was via video call after his visit from a nurse and he’d not felt ready to put a shirt on yet. I hadn’t expected to see a topless Terry, he and Ian thought it very amusing 😊


I am so honoured to have known Terry, and I will miss him very much. He was a well liked and respected member of the People In Action community.”

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