Creating more Inclusive Signs

This week is National Inclusion Week

This year’s theme is #UnitedForInclusion.

Today we’re thinking about what we do to show that everyone is valued and welcome.

We have been looking around our office and noticed that a lot of the signs are very drab, especially the Covid ones.

The font is small, there are few pictures and there are so many of them they are easy to ignore. Have a look at the pictures below.

We decidede to get some new signs made – to give the key messages to our members and our staff.

We want to say “Welcome Back to the Office!” now that we’re open again, and we want to remind everyone that we should be keeping our distance from each other to keep us all safe.

One of our members, Eddie, is a great artist, and creates some really impressive drawings and paintings.

We asked Eddie if he would like to create some artwork for the office, to get our message across clearly, and he said he would be very happy to help.

Eddie came to the office to meet with us and talk about what the signs should look like and share some ideas.

He went away, and got to work.

This weekend he sent us these pictures of the paintings he has done:

Let’s Keep Our Distance
Welsome Back to the Office

We’re very happy with the pictures that Eddie has created and we look forward to replacing our signs with these clearer and more inclusive pieces of art.