Inclusive Induction Process

As an organisation, we have always been passionate about delivering a good quality onboarding process for all new starters and ensuring we can meet the needs of our employees, whilst sharing important information. The induction process is split into two parts;

Human Resources

We start by delivering information about the organisation, our values, how the role of the new starter fits within our strategy, how we stand out and do things, pay/pension information and compliance checks.


We continue by giving the new staff member a solid overview of their role, responsibilities, specific policies, sharing of information around our groups / members as well as discussing probation periods and expectations.

The induction can be flexible, i.e. delivered in person, virtually, at different times (so there is no information overload!) We also share the presentations we use to all new starters and ask them for feedback verbally around any improvements/changes we could make.

We have recently developed an “Employee Handbook” which is shared digitally to all staff, or a paper copy is available. This useful booklet contains important information, but also includes a simpler version of our policies, including employee requirements and entitlements as a quick guide.

In the future we are looking to introduce this inclusive handbook (developed by Leep1) for any neurodivergent / Learning Disabled employees, where the same information will be delivered in a way that is suitable to the new employee.